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What is
Menstrual Migraine?

What is Menstrual Migraine?

Menstrual Migraine (MM) is a disabling, aggressive form of migraine that affects approx. 50 million women worldwide.

The International Classification of Headache Disorders defines Menstrual Migraine as migraine attacks that start up to two days before the period begins, then continue three or more days into the menstrual flow. The primary characteristics of Menstrual Migraine attacks are how predictable, prolonged and disabling they are—making Menstrual Migraine a major public health problem.

“For five days every month normal life grinds to a halt, and disabling pain takes over. I kid myself I’m managing it—but in reality, it’s controlling me.”

Therese, 38, Germany​

The WHO recognizes migraine as the leading cause of life lived with a disability for women of a reproductive age

1-in-10 people worldwide suffer from migraine – making it more prevalent than diabetes and asthma combined.

2/3 of these, approx. 500 million, are women, half being of a fertile age

1-in-5 of these women, or approx. 50 million women worldwide, suffer from Menstrual Migraine