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Märta Segerdahl, Chief Medical Officer, Asarina Pharma


MM is a severe, highly specific form of migraine with a unique symptomatology. It is often highly resistant to standard migraine treatments, including triptans and CGRP antibodies.

Asarina Pharma’s current Phase II Study is the first in 10 yrs to develop a new, preventative treatment for Menstrual Migraine. As a prophylactic, the new treatment, Sepranolone, has been designed not just to treat Menstrual Migraine symptoms – but to prevent them from occurring.


TARGET SITES: Finland, Sweden


AGE OF PATIENTS: 18-45 years

CRO: SCRO (Scandinavian CRO) based in Uppsala Sweden

TREATMENT: prophylactic neurosteroid Sepranolone

ADMINISTRATION: pre-filled syringes for self-administration

TIMELINE: full patient enrolment reached September 2020, topline results expected Q2 2021

“Menstrual Migraine can be the most challenging kind to treat, and frequently does not respond to the same medicines that work the rest of the month.”

The American Migraine Foundation

Menstrual Migraine attacks are often resistant to standard treatments.

Why is it so important that Sepranolone is preventive? Menstrual Migraine attacks are often resistant to standard, symptomatic treatments. For example: A woman with two or three migraine attacks a month on top of her menstrual migraine attacks, will typically find that whilst her standard preventive treatment may work successfully for her non-menstrual attacks—it won’t have any effect on her Menstrual Migraine attacks. With often longer bouts of pain the temptation with Menstrual Migraine can be to take symptomatic therapies in large amounts over long periods, causing concern over how much treatment to take, how long it can be taken for, relapse of symptoms over several consecutive days and associated menstrual disorder. As a prophylactic cure, Sepranolone avoids these concerns. New prophylactic therapies represent a new paradigm shift in migraine treatments. Sepranolone is unique amongst them. None of the clinical studies for recently launched new antibodies against migraine, for example, have specifically analyzed their effect in women suffering from Menstrual Migraine. Sepranolone offers powerful benefits to women managing menstrual migraine over a lifetime.