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Asarina Pharma AB (publ) Q3 2020 report released

Asarina Pharma CEO Peter Nordkild: “During the third quarter 2020 we have been firmly focused on execution. We achieved full enrolment for our Phase IIa Menstrual Migraine study—despite tough Covid-19 restrictions, and continued preparations for our Phase IIa study in Tourette syndrome. We remain confident of completing both studies on schedule, so realizing our vision…

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Full patient enrolment in Phase IIa Menstrual Migraine study

Asarina Pharma AB (publ) (ASAP: FN Stockholm) has reached full patient enrolment in its Phase IIa menstrual migraine (MM) study. 158 women have been recruited as scheduled at seven test centers across Sweden and Finland despite Covid-19 restrictions. Sepranolone, the endogenous compound being tested for MM, is the first therapy to focus exclusively on menstrual…

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Asarina Pharma AB (publ) Interim Report Q2 2020 released

Asarina Pharma CEO Peter Nordkild: “The second Quarter 2020 has given us continued proof of the urgent need for new, safe and effective treatments for the devastating conditions that our flagship compound, Sepranolone, targets. Despite disappointing results in our Phase IIb PMDD study at the beginning of the Quarter, which we covered extensively in our…

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Asarina Pharma AB (publ) Interim Report Q1 2020 released

Asarina Pharma CEO Peter Nordkild: “In April 2020 we released inconclusive topline results from our phase IIb study in PMDD. Although disappointing, these results do not invalidate our 40 years’ research into allopregnanolone and Sepranolone. Allopregnanolone remains implicated in a wide range of stress- and compulsion-related disorders, from Tourette to menstrual migraine to OCD, PTSD,…

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Asarina Pharma: Resolutions from the Annual General Meeting, 5 May 2020

Today, on 5 May 2020, Asarina Pharma AB (publ) held its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) in Stockholm. The AGM elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors Paul de Potocki, as chairman of the meeting and lawyer Nina Johnsson with Fredersen Advokatbyrå was keeper of the minutes. All the resolutions adopted by the AGM were…

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