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Financial Calendar

27 February 2023: Interim report for 2nd half year and full-year 2022

28 April 2023: Annual Report for 2022

22 May 2023: Annual General Meeting


May 19:  Assoc. Prof. Marco Bortolato (Dept Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Utah) presents Asarina Pharma’s Phase IIa results at  TicCon – the Virtual National Conference of the Tourette Association of America, at 9.30 PM CET. His presentation is titled: ‘Putative  novel pharmacological treatments for tic disorders’. Register here:

June 5-8: CEO Peteer Nordkild and Business Development Officer Otto Skolling attend BIO 2023, Boston International Convention Center, Boston Mass. US. Register here:

June 7-9: CEO Peter Nordkild presents the full  Phase IIa data at EESTS, the 15th European Conference on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders in Brussels Belgium. Register for the event here:

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