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We are a Swedish biotech company developing Sepranolone for Allopregnanolone-related stress, menstrual and neurological disorders. Our product pipeline is built on over 40 years’ research. We believe that our new family of GAMSA compounds (GABAA Modulating Steroid Antagonists) represents a new generation of effective, safe drugs for conditions ranging from Tourette to Menstrual Migraine – and more. It’s great to welcome you to the company – please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about our offer, products or pipeline!

Peter Nordkild
Mob +45 25 47 16 46

Otto Skolling
Mob + 46 768 030 181


Bolaget har utsett Erik Penser Bank till sin Certified Advisor på First North.

Erik Penser Bank AB
Box 7405
SE-103 91 Stockholm

Besöksadress: Apelbergsgatan 27
Telefon: +46 8 463 80 00