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Asarina Pharma AB: new US CDC study suggests prevalence of Tourette significantly higher than previously thought

A new study by the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that 1-in-50 children in the US may be affected by Tourette or persistent tic disorders, previous estimates were 1-in-100, and that up to 450,000 U.S. children and adults have Tourette. Asarina Pharma is currently carrying out a phase IIa clinical study into…

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Asarina Pharma AB (publ) Q2 2022 Report released

CEO Peter Nordkild: “We are pleased to report continued progress in our Phase II study in Sepranolone for the treatment of Tourette in the second quarter of 2022. With more than two thirds of patients recruited and a drop-out rate of under 5%, the study remains fully funded, and we remain confident of reporting topline…

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Asarina Pharma carries out a directed share issue following a request for loan conversion from Östersjöstiftelsen

Solna, 23 June 2022. The Board of Directors of Asarina Pharma AB (publ) (“Asarina Pharma” or the “Company”) has resolved on a directed issue of 3,896,885 shares to Östersjöstiftelsen (ÖSS) following a request for conversion in accordance with convertible loan agreement between Asarina Pharma and ÖSS entered into in May 2021.

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Asarina Pharma AB (publ) Q1 2022 Report released

Peter Nordkild, CEO: “Strong, steady progress best sums up Q1 2022. In a productive Quarter we have kept steadfastly to the recruitment goals of our phase IIa Tourette study, despite tail-end Covid-19 effects at our study sites. We firmly expect to continue to do so. The study remains fully funded. We remain confident of reporting…

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Bulletin from the Annual General Meeting of Asarina Pharma AB (publ)

The following resolutions were passed at the Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) of Asarina Pharma AB (publ) (“the Company”) on 4 May 20022.  The Annual General Meeting was carried out through advance voting (postal voting) only.

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