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(Stockholm, 4 June 2024) Asarina Pharma (“the Company”) today announces the release of its 2023 Annual Report.

Status and Outlook
Since completing the phase IIa study in April 2023, the Company has focused on finding a partner who can bring Sepranolone into the next clinical phase. The Company will continue to explore the potential for a partnership, i.e. a sale or out-licensing of its IP assets.

The Company believes that it can complete the partnering process with its current financial resources but there is no guarantee that it will not incur unexpected costs during this partnering process. In case of an unfavorable outcome of the partnering activities, the Company will initiate an orderly winding-down, which may include the sale of assets and/or liquidation.

The full Annual Report 2023 including CEO Statement and consolidated financial statements with notes is available on the Company’s website here: