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Asarina Pharma AB (publ) Q2 Report 2021 released

Asarina Pharma CEO Peter Nordkild: “Q2 2021 was a difficult quarter for us and our shareholders. It was also a definitively transformative one. The failure of our Phase IIa study in Menstrual Migraine coincided with the approval of our CTA in Tourette syndrome by the Danish Medicines Agency, and the granting of our first US patent for Sepranolone for the treatment of Tourette, OCD and pathological gambling. Together, these developments signal the end of an important chapter in our history, and the beginning of a new journey.”


  • Operating costs (SEK 16.0 million) follow budget
  • Convertible loan of SEK 5.3 million from Östersjöstiftelsen
  • Cash position (SEK 33.6 million) sufficient to cover the Phase IIa study in Tourette Syndrome



  • Our Phase IIa study failed to confirm the hypothesis that withdrawal of allopregnanolone just prior to menstruation is a major cause of menstrual migraine. Results confirmed Sepranolone’s positive safety and tolerability profile.


  • Our Clinical trial application (CTA) was approved by the Danish Medicines Agency in May.
  • First patient first dose of Sepranolone expected at the beginning of September.


  • The US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for Sepranolone for the treatment of Tourette, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) and pathological gambling, valid until 2038. Tourette and OCD are common co-morbidities.