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Asarina Pharma: sharp rise on first day of trading on Nasdaq First North

After 40 years’ of research developing its breakthrough PMDD treatment Sepranolone, Asarina Pharma hit the ground running on Monday 24 September as it launched on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. With major institutions getting behind the research—how did the successful market launch feel for the scientific and business team at Asarina Pharma?


CEO, Peter Nordkild: “We’ve come a long way–yet in many ways this is just another beginning. Now it’s time to deliver. A successful flotation increases our responsibility to deliver the results from our Phase IIB study on time. And to begin our Phase IIA trials of Sepranolone for Menstrual Migraine in the first half of 2019—as planned. It allows us to continue building our extraordinary research pipeline and keep exploring the enormous potential of our GAMSA family of substances, and of course—Sepranolone.”

CSO and Founder, Torbjörn Bäckström: "Finally, the years of tough, demanding work have led to this level of success, where we'll be able to provide a treatment to so many individuals with a condition that’s been neglected for such a long time." 

CHAIRMAN, Paul de Potocki: “This is a major step towards us becoming a more established and recognized company. It confirms just how many people believe in what we do. It gives us greater responsibility towards a larger number of shareholders too.”

COO, Karin Ekberg: “This is a massive milestone for me after 12 years’ hard work as CEO and COO. I’m really driven most of all by helping people. That’s what our ambition has always ultimately been all about—and for me it’s what’s been the most enjoyable thing about our work!”

CBO, Otto Skolling: “A successful IPO is liberating for a company. It lets it pursue and realize its highest, most ambitious business and science goals. But it’s years in the making. The most successful IPOs are built on long years of strategic, scientific and operational experience. I think that’s what our large-scale institutional global investors saw and recognized in us—a small team with big ambitions who’ve worked long and hard at getting the science and the strategy right.”

CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER, Märta Segerdahl: “At a medical conference recently in Boston there was a huge level of excitement and awareness about Asarina Pharma and my work. Women, men, young, old—there was a kind of universal interest and commitment. It made me realize again how we really have seen a change in attitudes to both PMDD and Menstrual Migraine—and a new drive to honour the research and start delivering effective treatments.”

WEBMASTER, DIGITAL DESIGN, Johanna Skolling: “With PMDD being strongly hereditary we’ve heard from women that ‘well, maybe this won’t be the treatment to restore my life, but it could be crucial for my daughters’. There aren’t so many times in your life when you get to share knowledge and research that makes that kind of a difference. This is one of them. We’re doing everything to share knowledge about PMDD and of course deliver a treatment.”